Extraordinary Processes – Extraordinary Performance!

The best isn´t good enough for BLECHER!

For every single BLECHER saw blade we apply the best possible techniques in order to achieve the optimal quality. Since even this doesn´t suffice us we have developed highly specialized techniques and required machinery on our own. Therefore we know that BLECHER quality isn´t being made anywhere else. We are geared to excel even ourselves and to ever develop even better technologies to produce ever higher quality. This is why the best is never good enough for us.

Individual solutions – at all times and at all places!

Every job is different and every individual case is a repeated challenge for BLECHER to develop and manufacture the best possible product for each application. We have never picked anything ready from off-the-shelf but benefit from our experience of more than 150 years to consistently supply maximum performance. This is why we regard exhaustive advice right from the beginning, individual engineering and consistent service as an essential proportion of our own performance expectations.

BLECHER quality features

Application oriented selection of blade material

Material selection from a wide range of different alloys and characteristics for application dependent wear life, hardness, stability and toughness, e.g. 51Mn7mod., 75Cr1, 80CrV2, 73WCrMoV2-2, X155CrVMo12-1, S 6-5-2, BLECHER proprietary steel grades BL50, BL55 & BL60/BL80

100% Made in Germany

All materials used for BLECHER saw blades have been made in Germany

Individual tooth geometries

Tooth and cutting edge geometry optimized to each customer-specific application

Tempering with multiple annealing

Technically matured annealing processes with most advanced furnaces, for hardening and (where appropriate multiple) tempering

BLECHER cool grinding

In-house developed “cool grinding” technology with most modern PLC controlled grinding machines reduce heat impact during processing and avoid unwanted residual stress

In-house development

Saw bodies are all engineered, designed and made in house, this ideally matched with each individual application

Consistent documentation

Consistent documentation of all use materials, manufacturing steps and measuring results including from final inspection for each production job

Highest environmental standards

Technically matured annealing processes with most advanced furnaces, for hardening and (where appropriate multiple) tempering

Cutting edge rounding

Brushing process to round the cutting edges which avoids premature tip cracking or the need for running in the saw blade

Thermal stress relieve

Blades are thermally stress relieved to eliminate uncontrollable and unwanted residual stresses from the material rolling process which potentially can create performance deviations during use

Thermochemical platings

Thermos-chemical platings and hard material coatings available for higher cutting speeds and reduced wear

Optimized hardness/toughness

Cutting edge and tip material with optimized hardness, toughness, composition and edge stability as required by the cutting job and the cutting parameters

PLC and pyrometer controlled brazing

PLC and pyrometer controlled automatic brazing for durably reliable welding joints of the carbide tips with no surface hardness increase of the carrier material (saw body)

PLC controlled CBN grinding

PLC controlled CBN grinding of carbide tip pocket seats and tooth geometry with oil cooling for lowest heat impact and continuous precision

Controlled tensioning

Targeted, controlled, reproducible and application oriented blade tensioning guarantees straight cuts with no deviations even across numerous service cycles

BLECHER flame hardening process

In-house developed flame hardening process anneals tooth tips to the highest possible hardness degree without embrittlement and by keeping the material´s toughness, tooth gullets remain without heat impact

BLECHER hammering process

A proprietary hammering and straightening process results in highest precision and smallest side run-out even across multiple service cycles

Optimized tooth gullet radii

Milled teeth with consistent precision and tooth gullet radii optimized to virtually no cracking

BLECHER balancing process

Advanced balancing methods produce best possible true running results at high blade speeds for tools with non-parallel sides (hollow or bevel ground)

BLECHER CBN grinding

In-house developed grinding machine produces a cutting edge that is ready to use and with lowest height run-out, eliminates the need for grind-in