Blecher HistorY

German cutting excellence since 1859


foundation of the company by Carl August Blecher on October 1st. as a trade firm initially


on October 1st his son, Hermann Blecher, joins and takes up manufacturing of saw blades of all kinds; the 2nd. son and co-owner, August Blecher, is appointed as the managing director


2 more sons, Adolf and Otto Blecher, join as employees


construction of a new manufacturing building which is expanded in 1894 and 1910


Rudolf Blecher succeeds his father, Otto Blecher


total destruction of all facilities by war damage


reconstruction of the company and resumption of manufacturing under most difficult conditions


grandson Hermann Blecher returns from having been Russian prisoner of war and succeeds his father Hermann Blecher sen. who passed away before


Hermann Blecher becomes sole managing director


Hermann Blecher jun., son of Hermann Blecher is appointed successor for administration of the business


expansion of manufacturing and administration capacities


further capacity expansion by doubling manufacturing space; export relations to all 5 continents are established


the first electronic data processing system is introduced to cope with the growing business


Henner Blecher, brother of Hermann Blecher, joins the company as 2nd managing director; Hermann Blecher retires later and Henner Blecher becomes sole owner and sole managing director which he still is until today


construction and moving into an entirely new facility for manufacturing and administration at the current address after the capacity of the old facilities exhausted


the affiliate company BE-Maschinenmesser is founded close to Berlin during the German re-unification which is being sold a few years later


the affiliate company BST Blecher Sägeblatt-Technologie for the production of TCT circular saw blades is founded
CARUBE (Carl Rudolf Berger) after prior part-ownership is acquired by 100% to integrate the laser cutting technology


DIS Dortmunder Industriesägen is acquired by 100% to complete the manufacturing capacities for blade diameters up to 2500 mm; all affiliated companies BST, Carube and DIS are integrated into the August Blecher GmbH & Co. KG


the company name is changed to August Blecher KG; both, turn-over and quantity of produced saw blades gain a record level in the company’s history


having successfully passed an apprenticeship, university studies for German MBA equivalent and multiple internships with German and foreign companies, Jörg H. Blecher, son of Henner Blecher, joins the company preparing to accept responsibility in the 6th generation